“That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

"Thats one

small Step..."

An optimal arrangement of a small space… a stair that fits perfectly in its place. Raw flat steel stringers and oak steps. Nature creates the most beautiful colours, here all materials have been left in their natural state and treated only with oil. The railing and the handrail are also made of flat metal, as it comes out of the lamination process, and create a harmonious ensemble. Would you like more staircase ideas? Click here for our staircase catalogue

the Steel Cross

A combination of raw steel and wood, two natural materials. The oak tabletop reflects naturalness through its tree-lined edge. The central foot provides optimum freedom of movement under the table and no disturbing stamps.

Make your table the way you want it. Together with our partner Bulbaum we will be pleased to design a unique table for you. With the table foot as well as with the table top there are no limits to your creativity. 

Stairs in raw Steel

Pure nature, like sheet metal, comes out of the rolling machine. This laminating skin, also known as the calamine layer, is like a fingerprint, unique. It is a natural layer created by laminating, heating and cooling. The steel is laminated at 1200° Celsius.

This layer of lamination gives a particular aspect to the staircase, properly maintained and treated, it creates a beautiful finish. In this project, we could build 2 stairs, different in form but similar in idea.

The steps have been sanded 45° at the edge of the step and welded all the way along, so there is no edge-to-edge joint, so it has a nice continuity. The railing of the spiral staircase was visibly sanded at the joints and left as it was.

On the stairs, a sisal rope was braided through the steps and wrapped around the handrail. The supports under the stairs also serve as hangers for jackets.

Moien Lëtzebuerg

geländer garde-corps

We are back, we were never really gone, finally our new website is online. Here you will find photos of our latest work, references and suggestions for your project. Our site is in 4 languages, so that everyone has the possibility to understand us. You can reach us directly via the contact page, now also quite new and very easy via Whatsapp. We hope that you will find some great suggestions and ideas on our site