Stairs in raw Steel

Pure nature, like sheet metal, comes out of the rolling machine. This laminating skin, also known as the calamine layer, is like a fingerprint, unique. It is a natural layer created by laminating, heating and cooling. The steel is laminated at 1200° Celsius.

This layer of lamination gives a particular aspect to the staircase, properly maintained and treated, it creates a beautiful finish. In this project, we could build 2 stairs, different in form but similar in idea.

The steps have been sanded 45° at the edge of the step and welded all the way along, so there is no edge-to-edge joint, so it has a nice continuity. The railing of the spiral staircase was visibly sanded at the joints and left as it was.

On the stairs, a sisal rope was braided through the steps and wrapped around the handrail. The supports under the stairs also serve as hangers for jackets.

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